Wednesday, July 29, 2009

Developing color film in b/w chemicals

This was a shot in the dark. I have just read about it and seen examples of it. No concrete advice or developing times were available. But since I now have a nice stock of expired film, both c41 and e6, I decided to give it a try. Just to make it even more hazardous I used my Konica EE-matic camera, which came from ebay a couple of weeks ago and still hadn´t been tested.

The film was a Fuji superia 100, but I set the camera ISO to 200. The ee-matic is full auto exposure and will not shoot if it decides the lighting is too low.

The film was then developed in HC110 dillution B for 14min and fixed for 12min (I read somewhere that developing time for c41 would be at least double the time of ordinary b/w-film).

The results were mostly purpleish, but for some reason one picture came out different (as in picture above). Don´t know how or why, but I assume it´s something with the ee-matic´s auto exposure that did the difference, and that all the other pictures were overexposed? I wish I knew, because I really liked the tones of the non-purple one.

Next time it will be an Ektachrome 160 tungsten that expired in 1988!

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