Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Exipred film in B/W

New camera, new attempt. Received the mythical Olympus trip 35 today, all automatic and no batteries. Picked up an expired Fuji Superia 100 and took a trip outdoors. My first cross-processing experiment with the Konica eematic and same type of film, turned out a bit overexposed and purple.
This time a presoaked the film, and this probably removed a lot of red from the film (at least the water that came out was pretty red). Developing time was reduced to 5 minutes in 21 degrees and a 7 minute fix. The results were quite different from last time, and I am all in all very satisfied. Most interesting is the fact that the sky turned out blue!

The Olympus trip lens seems to be without faults, as the raindrops on the window are razor sharp.


  1. The last photo is Very nice....:-)

    I notice you buy all kinds of different Cameras, what was the reason you bought the Minolta? Someone told me during the first auction that they wanted the Camera because of the lens? They didn't elaborate why though and since it's not a SLR why would that be. Is the lens something special? I was also wondering why I got those really high bids the first two auctions, what attracted these high bids for this Camera? what was it for you? The condition, brand, model, lens.....what? It's just a 70's Film Camera, in great condition that looks cool but nothing special.........right?

    You got a great deal on this Camera. The first auctions top bid was $176.50, if I remember right, the second was $152.50 but both of these guys were no help at all and didn't want to work with me on getting them the Camera. The second guy even thought I was trying to scam him right up to when he got the E-mail telling him I had voided the auction! Then he tells me he would like to try to bid on the Camera again.....I blocked the twit for what he put me through! :-)

  2. I guess I have developed a bad habit of collecting ;) The 70ies rangefinders are in a way a niche product. In the 60ies, they were the only professional alternative, with the Leicas raging at the top. But the Leicas are of course insanely expensive, so the japanese developed cheaper alternatives. When the SLR was firmly established during the 70ies, these cameras became less popular i guess. But they are still good cameras, and a different way of taking pictures.

    Lots of people have funny arguments for using them, they actually call them "small and pocketable", which is a joke in 2009. But they do have their advantages. You probably know how long it can take for a digital point and shoot to adjust focus and whatever, before it takes the picture? Many times the moment is lost. And theres also a special thing about having a mechanical camera thats independent of batteries.

    Anyway, my reason: As you have discovered, I have a couple of cameras. It started out as a "I would like to try", and then escalated to "try another one" etc. This particular model is one of the most hyped ones, along with a couple of others, hence the price people are willing to pay. The camera is good, because the lens is fast (f1.7), which means its good for low light. Also, this one is actually small, compared to other rangefinders (including the leica), and it has full manual mode.
    But maybe most of all, its a fashion thing. A model with black finish will sell for double price of the silver/chrome.

    Regarding the lens, some people claim its same build as a particular leica lens, but theres no evidence of such a thing. But the camera is far from perfect. The viewfinder isnt particulary good, and it´s hard to read the meter. But there you go again, retro fashion :)

    But i´m not sure I will buy more cameras now (I dont consider myself a fanatic, and I wont pay whatever for an old camera that may not work), this one sort of completes my quest - to get one of the highly praised rangefinders of the 70ies (canon canonet ql17 and konica s3 beeing two other similar models).

    You can read more about it here:

    Im sorry about the problems that lost you the two first auctions, and you should, as you suggested, try to claim something from ebay (thats david fight against goliath, but worth a try).